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The Reality of the Myth

I have always heard that everybody thinks that they have a book in them somewhere.

The trick, I have always heard, is figuring out how to let that book get out.

I guess I figured it out.

I have written several.

Here are links to some of them.

They are eBooks so they are cheap.

Which is good because nobody wants to spend a bunch of money on books.

Except me.

I still buy quite a few.

My most current purchase is Imperial Gamble.

But I have to finish my current immersion in Aubrey and Maturin before I get to it.

But I guess I'd better finish Wolf Hall after I finish with Stephen and Jack before I get on to Puty.

But if I do that I still am leaving The Age of Napoleon only partially read.

I guess I'd better give all of this more thought.

But anyway, If you want to read any of my books here is how you can buy them.

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The recipes are really good.

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