From Screen Saver

"And then as summer waned the day would come when fall had arrived.  It could be seen in the angle of the sun; it could be felt in the incipient chill of the air; it could be sensed for no obvious reason at all.  But the horse chestnut knew.  And their leaves would turn yellow.  And their leaves would begin to fall.  And then on an especially chilly night the wind would rise and the husks would split and the shiny brown gems would fall in cascades to the ground and children would pick some up.  The rest would be pushed around in the piles of leaves being raked and burned.  And some would be charred. And some would escape, having been left behind their pile of leaves due to their weight which had given them some resistance to the rake.  And those would be ground to meal by passing and parking cars.  And then the rain, which would begin to torrent, would wash the meal down the gutters into the drains and out of sight as if they had never existed.  But they had existed. The trees remembered them, and as those trees turned their barren winter gray trunks to the winter winds and rains they were already preparing for that glorious spring day when the cycle would begin all over again."

The Season's Passing

  • Last Gasp
  • First Color
  • St John'swort
  • Jewels
  • Jack O' Lanterns
  • A Corpse
  • Feathers
  • Yellow and Blue



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