La petite Bretagne

This was the place where the Arthurian Legend began. Merlin inhabited a massive forest, vestiges of which remain to this time.

Nonetheless, most of the action occurred on the other side of the water in La Grande Bretagne.

Here are some scenes from a five week adventure Mysti and I had in La petite Bretagne not long ago. We had a rental car, some Rick Steves, a couple maps and hotel reservations back in Paris in early October. Other than that we just went from interesting place to interesting place, rented an ocean front room in each case and stayed until we ran out of side trips we wanted to take, or the wanderlust for whatever it might be that lay down the road overtook us.



A Beautiful Part of the World

  • Huitres
  • Le Clos
  • Le Pic Nic
  • Maria
  • Audierne
  • Mont St. Michel
  • Douarnenez
  • Potpourri
  • Pont Aven
  • Road to Quimper

These were in a restaurant in St Malo. St Malo is on the Atlantic which produces vast quantities of oysters every year. I tried to eat most of what they produced when I was there.


This was an old clos out in the middle of nowhere and from a time in the distant past. It was within a few hundred feet of the ocean where the shore was girded by low lying, weatherd and gnarled wild plums. The gnarled tangles of low lying plants were adorned with a frost of deep purple, so many and so thick were the small, bitter plums.


We were on our way from somewhere to somewhere else when hunger and thirst overtook us. So we found a rock on the highest point of land that we could find and laid out un bon repast.


This is in a very old church on Pt. St. Anthony.


Here are some scenes from Point du Raz, the westernmost thrust of France. It was as beautiful as the pictures make it look.












We spent a day in this place that it is impossible to figure out how anyone ever built it. I just took the first few pictures to post here.


mont 1

mont 2

mont 3

mont 4

mont 5

mont 6

This town is thought to be archtypical of how the coast of Bretagne looked several hundred years ago (except for the cars).




This is just a group of whimsical pictures taken at random.


random 1

random 2

random 4

random 5

random 6

random 7

random 8

random 9

pont aven

pont aven

pont aven

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