The Magic Tower

The Eiffel Tower was derided as "an abomination and an eyesore" and a "barbarous mass" when it was built for the Exposition of 1889. It was supposed to be torn down. But it wasn't torn down. And the Tower has become the major component of the essence of Paris.

It is, in fact, the essential trademark or logo of Paris. And it has an almost infinitely changing personality. Depending upon the place from which it is viwed, the season of the year or the time of day it can be many different things. But no matter what its fleeting visage may be, the Tower is always Paris.

When I am in Paris I never walk anywhere without a camera. I learned early in my relationship with the city that a walk without a camera is invariably a mistake. This has resulted in a rather large cache of images. As time has passed a story has selectively emerged from my pictures: The Ever-Changing Face of the Magic Tower.


A Few Images From The Book

  • Tower One
  • Tower Two
  • Tower Three
  • Tower Four
  • Tower Five
tower one
tower two
tower three
tower four
tower five