Haussmann's Magic

The engineer who completely refurbished large swathes of Paris for Napoleon III converted an abandonned garbage dump into a magical jumble of cliffs, waterfalls, woodland paths and lakes. He used a material that was a revolutionary new building medium at the time - concrete.

I can't spend time in Paris without going to the place to see what is the same and what is different. It is always beautiful. The pictures in this presentation span two Decembers and one September.



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This is a view from a bridge in the Parc of an unused railroad track outside the Parc.

This one of the paths around the Parc's periphery.

The plantings in the Parc are not the well drilled soldiers all in a row that are typical of French gardens. Parc des Buttes Chaumont is planted more like Hyde Park.

This is a path from the metro stop outside the Parc. It goes down to the lakes that make up the bottom level of the Parc. The steps, the wood log sides and the vertical log posts are all concrete.

This is a real rock outcropping. The structure affords a spectaculat 360 degree view of Paris which includes a good view of Sacre Coeur.

This is one of the lobes of the lake at Parc's bottom.

Another lake view.

I can never resist the urge to photograph light poles.

This tunnel traverses the stone fill supporting the path above.

The tree trunks are all works of art.

This view just "spoke" to me.

Another light.

The Parc is home to some restaurants.

This view makes me doubt my comments about this structure being on a natural outcropping. It looks more like a pile of layers of concrete slabs.

I warned you.

Another restaurant.

This is a bridge to somewhere.

Getting proper depth of field can be a real bitch sometimes.

More tree art. If you read Tolkien's quartette it may be difficult not to see an Ent.

This was a day in December.

Same tree, different exposure.

As promised, here is Sacre Coeur.

There be artichokes.

This is some of the concrete work; it's in a sort of cave.

The lamp in the summer.

Some of the lake shore is fenced off; some isn't. The isn't is where old men fish. Next time I may be one of them.

Nice place.

I think one can buy ice cream there.

In case you need to know how much you weigh.

This is a summertime close up of a wintertime distance shot we have already seen.