Rainbows And Castles

I wrote this in 1963 or so. If you are one of the two or three people who have read Screen Saver you would recognize the name Barbara. I wrote this song, mainly for me, but with a futile hope that, if she were to hear it, I could get her back. But that never happened.

This version is from a tape I made in Doug Peters' living room in 1973. Unfortunately this song was the last one on the tape and the magnetic stuff that had the last lyrics fell off - as did several pieces, as you will hear, in the middle of the song - before I found the tape in later years and had a CD made from it. So those few words will remain forever known only to me.

In any event, those words were a change from the original. Between 1963 and 1973 I had had the chance to get some perspective.

I have the original version on a demo disk I made when I wrote the song, but it is really scratchy. I think I will probably put it on the jukebox anyway.





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