The Windows of St Severin

I never had a lot of use for churches. If you were to have read Screen Saver you would remember - and nod knowingly - that my mother and I, as soon as I had reached majority, substituted the Golliwog Lounge for Sunday mass.

It was on account of that that I never could understand the tourists' fixation with visiting the medieval cathedrals of Europe. I just knew that I had no use for that kind of thing.

As with many (perhaps most) things that I knew for sure that turned out to be laughably and totally wrong.

So here are some of the windows of my favorite eglis in Paris.



They Don't Build 'Em Like This Anymore

  • Gargoyles
  • The Organ
  • Window One
  • Window Two
  • Nave
  • Window Three
  • Window Four
  • Barrier
Content 3one
Content 4window 2
Content 6window three
Content 7window four